Borough of Closter, NJ

Historic Preservation Comission

About Us

The Historic Preservation Commission was established by the Closter Mayor and Council. We consist of seven members. Class A members are persons who are knowledgeable in building design, construction or architectural history. Class B members are persons who are knowledgeable of local history. Class C members are citizens of Closter who hold no other municipal office, position or employment except for membership on the Planning Board or Zoning Board.

Our current board consists of the following members:
  • Tim Adriance - chair
  • Jennifer Rothschild - Vice Chair
  • Jennifer Rothschild - Secretary
  • Rose Mitchell - Coordinator
  • Tim Adriance (Chair, Class A member)
  • Jennifer Rothschild (Vice Chair, Class B member)
  • Jayne Rubenfeld-Waldron (Class C member)
  • Joel Zelnik (Class C member)
  • Erik Lenander (Class C member)
  • Bobbie Bouton-Goldberg (Class B member)
  • William J. Martin (Class A member)
  • Sophie Heymann (Planning Board Liaison)
  • Joseph Yammarino (Council Liaison)
  • Rose Mitchell (Coordinator)*
*Borough Employee

The Land Use office keeps all records and takes phone calls for the Commission. To contact the Commission, call Rose Mitchell at either 201-784-0757 or 201-784-0600 x 491