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Click here to see photographs from the "Closter and World War 2" exhibit and talk.

Click here to see photographs of the 2010 Historical Neighborhood exhibit at the library, and here to see the 2008 exhibit


As a part of Closter's 300th anniversary month, a number of dedicated players staged a reenactment of a combined British (red coats) and Loyalist (green coats) raid on a house in Closter in May of 1779. The raid was countered by the local militia (without uniforms). The house itself, built in 1740, still stands at 80 Hickory Lane, much unchanged from the time it was taken by the British.

Click here to see photographs of the reenactment. The owner of the house has posted some of his videos online, click on the links to see the history of the house, the players, the planning, the uniforms, a young soldier, the arrival of the troops, and the final salute.

Click here to see photographs of the events of Closter's 300th anniversary, April 2010, by Closter resident and Historic Commission member Lew Lobosco of Imaginative Graphics, Inc.